Sunday, July 31, 2011

I (insert verb)....therefore I must exist.

"I've never ceased to believe...that one is & makes oneself...of whatever is made of one".
Jean Paul Sartre

Friday, July 29, 2011


One of the project weeks this year has been to create our own custom typefaces. Knowing me, I knew that I was going to do something entirely by hand, detailed & intricate. I came up with the idea of incorporating traditional medieval Illuminated manuscript with aspects of modern 21st century urban life. Here are the results:

At first I toyed around with the idea of having standard graffiti styled letters with some intricate gold outlines & details & an image in each background that would represent a scene from modern city life which would start with the corresponding letter ie. A for Adidas...

preliminary sketchbook ideas

There were several problems with my original idea:
1) The concept of an illuminated alphabet weren't clearly visually communicated.
2) The letters took up too much space, so we couldn't see the background image
3) Visual saturation

Consequentially I decided to do a little bit more research into the art of illuminated manuscript and decided to simplify my letter shapes. Whilst doing my research, I decided that it would be a good idea to present my alphabet with actual medieval calligraphic script. I took the traditional "Alphabet Caroline" from 14th century France and based the shape of my letters on it, keeping the concept of the background but instead filling in the blank space left with gold ink (gold leaf is pretty expensive).

Contextual experiment:

The end result:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

more special effect genius

nice & gross, just the way I like it :) mwahahahar

more ditzy doodles

One of my favourite things to do when I'm bored/ want to annoy my boyfriend, is play exquisite corpse.
The conversation normally goes like this:
Me: I'm bored. Wanna play exquisite corpse?
David: Wait, I just need to do something with this beat, 2 seconds (variation: I'm working on my website, replace 2 seconds by 2 hours) 
Me: (more than 2 seconds later) Wanna play exquisite corpse??
David: Hold On
(another more than 2 seconds later)
Me: Please? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase???
David: *grumbles* fine.
& here are the results:
(with a small input from my flatmate Sarah)

& here are some more drawings. No one else to blame the weirdness on here I guess: